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CTI Owner/Operator Council Questionnaire

August 2006
Re: Cooling Technology Institute Owner/Operator Council

Ladies and Gentlemen:

To meet the current and future needs of the owners and operators of cooling towers, and all associated evaporative heat transfer equipment, the Cooling Technology Institute ("CTI") is pleased to announce the formation of an Owner/Operator Council (the "Council"). The members of the Council will discuss common problems and issues related to your specific operation, allowing action to be done on these issues. The members of CTI feel that there is a need for such open communication with the Owner/Operators of evaporative heat transfer equipment. The Council will be a forum where current problems are addressed and resolved, and solutions are implemented. Priorities can be set for specific standards and guidelines that would make the operation, maintenance, design, and safety of the equipment easier for the Owners and Operators. We are asking that you consider becoming a member of the Council and participate in scheduled forums. We believe this will eventually grow to encompass the entire evaporative heat transfer industry. If you are not a current member of CTI, this would be another great benefit of membership. Enclosed is a questionnaire which has also been made available on the CTI website. We urge you to take a moment to give us your comments and tell us what you think about the concept. We are planning to convene the first Owner/Operator Council at the CTI Annual Conference. This concept has been very effective in other industries, and CTI believes this will benefit all our Owner/Operator members and the industry.


Frank V. Foster Chairman of the Membership Committee

CTI would like your feedback on the formation of an Owner/Operator Council. Please mail or fax (281.537.1721) your response to the CTI office or fill out the form below.


1. Do you feel the Owner/Operator Council would be beneficial to you and your company?

Yes No

2. Would you participate in the Owner/Operator Council?

Yes No

3. Are you currently having problems that need to be addressed?

Yes No

4. Is CTI meeting your needs and expectations?

Yes No

5. Do you think the Owner/Operator Council would promote more Owner/Operator membership in CTI?

Yes No

6. Would you assist in forming the structure of the Owner/Operator Council?

Yes No

Additional comments, questions, opinions?

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